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Colleges, universities announce academic honorees

DelVal announces names students who made fall 2018 dean’s list

Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski, Delaware Valley University’s vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty, announced the following local students have been honored for academic achievement by being named to the fall 2018 dean’s list:

  • Alexis Batz of Blandon
  • Victoria Behm of Fleetwood
  • Taylor Boyer of Bernville
  • Nathaniel Boyer of Fleetwood
  • Christa Daley of Birdsboro
  • Morgan Davis of Oley
  • Jonah Eckert of Hamburg
  • Moriah Galloway of Shoemakersville
  • Kacie Jones of Reading
  • Morgan Krick of Hamburg
  • Devin Rehrig of Douglassville

Jessy Moyer of Reading named to Champlain College dean’s list for fall 2018

Jessy Moyer of Reading has been named to the Champlain College dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester. Moyer is majoring in Communication. Students on the dean’s list have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher during the semester.

Jessica Kritschil named to fall 2018 dean’s list at Ashland University

Jessica Kritschil of Birdsboro was named to the dean’s list at Ashland University for the fall 2018 semester. Kritschil, a marketing major, is a 2017 graduate of Daniel Boone High School. Kritschil also was named to the women’s club volleyball team at Ashland University.

Competitive sport clubs compete with other university or town sponsored sport clubs or teams, and travel to different events/games throughout the year. Competitive sport clubs are more serious in nature, similar to varsity athletics and may involve playoff components to conclude their season.

Cedarville University students named to dean’s honor list

The following area Cedarville University students were named to dean’s honor list for fall 2018:

  • Brynn Beiler of Birdsboro
  • Abigail Snyder of Birdsboro
  • Priscilla Songate of Mohrsville

In order to be named to the dean’s honor list, students need to maintain a 3.75 GPA and carry a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Matthew Oross of Fleetwood earns University of Dayton degree

Fleetwood resident Matthew Oross was among the nearly 340 undergraduates who received degrees from the University of Dayton during the fall 2018 commencement ceremony Dec. 15, 2018.

Oross also was named to the fall 2018 dean’s list for achieving a minimum 3.5 GPA for the semester.

University of Delaware announces fall 2018 dean’s list

The following students have been named to the University of Delaware dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester:

  • Larissa Kubitz of Fleetwood
  • Madison Gallagher of Reading
  • Marissa Gottschall of Birdsboro
  • Kaylee Wolfe of Birdsboro
  • Alexa Chronister of Reading
  • Jake Paolini of Reading
  • Amy Andre of Oley
  • Nicole Moyer of Reading
  • Kelly Moyer of Reading
  • Madeline McGhee of Reading
  • Andrew Jones of Douglassville
  • Cassidy Franco of Reading
  • Madison Weiss of Douglassville
  • Maria Lilley of Reading
  • Joshua Walter of Reading
  • Cameron Frey of Douglassville
  • Nicholas Sekulski of Reading
  • Brendan Boggs of Reading
  • Jacob Lemelin of Sinking Spring
  • Theodore Cebulski of Leesport
  • Emma Goetz of Reading

To meet eligibility requirements for the dean’s list, a student must be enrolled full-time and earn a GPA of 3.33 or above (on a 4.0 scale) for the semester.

Ithaca College students named to fall 2018 dean’s list

Ithaca College congratulates students named to the dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester. The following local students were named to the dean’s list:

  • Biology major Emily Hutton of Douglassville
  • Communication Management and Design major Mackenzie Keefe of Douglassville
  • Documentary Studies and Production major Jackie Marusiak of Reading
  • Communication Management and Design major Hannah Bechtolt of Reading

Area student named to Frostburg State University dean’s list

The following students have been named to the dean’s list at Frostburg State University in recognition of outstanding academic achievement for the fall 2018 semester:

  • Andreya Antoine of Bernville
  • Matthew Ward of Reading

To be eligible, a student must undertake a minimum of 12 credit hours and earn a cumulative semester grade point average of at least 3.4 on a 4.0 scale.

Lauren Diggan of Reading named to the University of New Hampshire’s dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester

Lauren Diggan of Reading has been named to the dean’s list at the University of New Hampshire for earning high honors for the fall 2018 semester. Diggan is majoring in health and physical education.

Students named to the Dean’s List at the University of New Hampshire have earned recognition through their superior scholastic performance during a semester enrolled in a full-time course load (12 or more graded credits). Highest honors are awarded to students who earn a semester grade point average of 3.85 or better out of a possible 4.0. Students with a 3.65 to 3.84 average are awarded high honors and students whose grade point average is 3.5 through 3.64 are awarded honors.

Albright College students study abroad in summer and fall 2018

Each semester, Albright College students travel the globe, studying abroad in locations such as England, Australia, France and Israel. Local students studying abroad in the summer and fall of 2018 include:

  • Natalie Torpey of Reading studied during the fall 2018 semester in Waterford, Conn., and London, England, hosted by the National Theater Institute. A graduate of Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush, Torpey is studying theatre
  • Evan Cardinal of Reading studied abroad during the summer of 2018 in Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted by a non-governmental organization, ANU. A graduate of Antietam Middle Senior High School, Cardinal is studying international relations/political science

Ithaca College congratulates December 2018 graduates

Ithaca College congratulates all December 2018 graduates.

  • Kate Newcomb of Blandon graduated with a BS in Therapeutic Recreation and Outdoor Adventure Leadership
  • Mackenzie Keefe of Douglassville graduated Magna cum Laude with a BS in Communication Management and Design

Students earn dean’s list honor at Central Penn College

The following students have been named to the Central Penn College dean’s list for the fall 2018 term.

  • Marianne Hertzog of Fleetwood
  • Tyler Roach of Reading
  • Taylor Schad of Reading

To qualify for the designation, an undergraduate student must carry six or more credits and earn a grade-point average of 3.5 or better for the term.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute announces fall 2018 dean’s list

The following local residents were among 1,595 students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute named to the university’s dean’s list for academic excellence for the fall 2018 semester:

  • Owen Smith of Blandon is a member of the class of 2020 majoring in robotics engineering
  • Allison Sichler of Reading is a member of the class of 2020 majoring in chemical engineering

The criteria for the WPI dean’s list differs from most other universities, as WPI does not compute a grade point average; instead, WPI defines the dean’s list by the amount of work completed at the A-level in courses and projects.

“WPI’s academic programs are rigorous and require a level of independence beyond what is required in traditional courses. WPI students go beyond the classroom to work on open-ended problems in and for communities around the world. The problems are important and the impact is real” said dean of undergraduate studies Arthur C. Heinricher. “Some of this nation’s best and brightest students come to WPI to study engineering and science and business and the humanities. Those named to the dean’s list have excelled in all of their work, and we are exceptionally proud of these outstanding students.”

McDaniel College announces dean’s list

McDaniel College announces its fall 2018 dean’s list, recognizing full-time undergraduate students for outstanding academic achievement.

Highest honors are earned for a semester grade point average of 3.90 or higher, high honors for a grade point average of 3.70-3.89, and honors for a 3.50-3.69 grade point average.

Students included:

  • Dustin Miller of Wyomissing, who earned highest honors
  • Johanna Rice of Sinking Spring, who earned honors
  • Meghan Sadler of Blandon, who earned highest honors
  • James Towers of Bally, who earned high honors
  • Caroline Ramsey of Sinking Spring, who earned highest honors

109 Complete Career Success Certificate at Kutztown University

109 juniors and seniors at Kutztown University have completed a Career Success Certificate for the fall 2018 semester.

The Career Success Certificate is open to all juniors and seniors. Students gain a greater understanding of themselves, employer expectations, effective job search strategies, interviewing skills and the role of social media in the hiring process. They will also be better prepared to conduct the internship, job, or graduate school search.

  • Linda Billman of Temple
  • Marlene Cooper of Bally
  • Robert Howe of Strausstown
  • Micheal Lewis-Cooper of Fleetwood
  • Jennifer Loaiza of Reading
  • Nicholas Maglionico of Sinking Spring
  • Charles Myers of Fleetwood
  • Brennan Noecker of Reading
  • Erica Quillman of Fleetwood

Emerson College announces dean’s list honorees

The following students have been named to Emerson College’s dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester.

  • Madelyn Mulreaney of Wernersville
  • Clare Jackson of Reading

The requirement to make the dean’s list is a grade point average of 3.7 or higher that semester.

SRU announces fall 2018 dean’s list

Slippery Rock University has announced its dean’s list for the fall 2018 semester. The following are SRU students from your area who made the dean’s list:

  • Kristin Coatney from Douglassville
  • Nicholas Gouck from Birdsboro
  • Jordan Howk from Reading
  • Koryn Jones – Garman from Reading
  • Benjamin Kurczewski from Leesport
  • Christian Linfoot from Reading
  • Abigail McKay from Reading
  • Abigail Metcalf from Blandon
  • Austin Mora from Douglassville
  • Morgan Remp from Reading
  • Anthony Spagnoletti from Birdsboro
  • Jessica Williams from Reading

The dean’s list consists of SRU undergraduate students who earned an adjusted semester grade-point average of 3.5 or higher, based on a schedule of at least 12 newly attempted and earned credits.

Kutztown University announces fall 2018 dean’s list

More than 1,740 students have been named to the fall 2018 dean’s list at Kutztown University.

  • Noah Hish of Bally
  • Kayla Elicker of Bernville
  • Coty Emerich of Bernville
  • Kayle Huey of Bernville
  • Marissa Loeb of Bernville
  • Gabrielle Trate of Bernville
  • Courtney Clauser of Bethel
  • Miranda Shollenberger of Bethel
  • Andrew Snyder of Bethel
  • Hunter Deblase of Birdsboro
  • Aleasha Ettinger of Birdsboro
  • Anna Faretty of Birdsboro
  • Kate Geist of Birdsboro
  • Danielle Gillaspy of Birdsboro
  • Sarah Hall of Birdsboro
  • Ian Laxton of Birdsboro
  • Rebekah Smith of Birdsboro
  • Cameron Delillo of Blandon
  • Gina Esposto of Blandon
  • Olivia Fenstermacher of Blandon
  • Guinevere Harter of Blandon
  • Thomas Messina of Blandon
  • Emily Metcalf of Blandon
  • Brett Santos of Blandon
  • Xiomara Toledo of Blandon
  • Anna Wood of Blandon
  • Rachael Clineff of Douglassville
  • Kaitlin Cochran of Douglassville
  • Adam Davis of Douglassville
  • Katherine Dotterweich of Douglassville
  • Annie Kitchell of Douglassville
  • Yau Lam of Douglassville
  • Christopher Larcinese of Douglassville
  • Elijah Leon Guerrero of Douglassville
  • Kristen Mearkle of Birdsboro
  • Kelly Slattery of Douglassville
  • Gabriella Sweet of Douglassville
  • Romeo Tran of Douglassville
  • Vivian Azar of Fleetwood
  • Michael Babb of Fleetwood
  • Amanda Beidler of Fleetwood
  • Tianna Columbo of Fleetwood
  • Serena Danweber of Fleetwood
  • Maya Donato of Fleetwood
  • Gabriella Ferreira of Fleetwood
  • Katie Gorey of Fleetwood
  • Shelbi Heffner of Fleetwood
  • Alexa Henry of Fleetwood
  • Praswell Lorenzana of Fleetwood
  • Annalise McDowell of Fleetwood
  • Charles Myers of Fleetwood
  • Morgan Ogozalek of Fleetwood
  • Isaac Reiter of Fleetwood
  • Joshua Schwenig of Fleetwood
  • Aaron Sraiheen of Fleetwood
  • Hanna Templin of Fleetwood
  • Alexander Trask of Fleetwood
  • Morgan Waid of Fleetwood
  • Meghan Willman of Fleetwood
  • Cody Cordwell of Hamburg
  • Helen Kerschner of Hamburg
  • Neal Kerschner of Hamburg
  • Christina Mott of Hamburg
  • Amber Ney of Hamburg
  • Hannah Shirk of Hamburg
  • Kylie Whitmoyer of Hamburg
  • Olivia Bauer of Leesport
  • Katherine Beck of Leesport
  • Alexander Swift of Leesport
  • Kylie Clark of Lenhartsville
  • Sydney Fisher of Lenhartsville
  • Katelyn Manwiller of Lenhartsville
  • Megan Meyer of Lenhartsville
  • Marie Dudick of Lyon Station
  • Emma Mull of Lyon Station
  • Sarah Edris of Mohrsville
  • Vashti Faust of Mohrsville
  • Kyle Livinghouse of Mohrsville
  • Emily Sadowski of Mohrsville
  • Courtney Smith of Mohrsville
  • Nathan Zolna of Mohrsville
  • Jordalina Salcedo of Mount Penn
  • Sarah Clouse of Oley
  • Lauren Erb of Oley
  • Sarah Hartman of Oley
  • Ashley Reinstein of Oley
  • Eric Wolfe of Oley
  • Julia Arentz of Reading
  • Salem Borelli of Reading
  • Amanda Bradshaw of Reading
  • Collin Brooks of Reading
  • Brad Brown of Reading
  • Gabriella Burns of Reading
  • Abdiel Cruz of Reading
  • Isaac Diljohn of Reading
  • Robert Ellis of Reading
  • Rosa Esposito of Reading
  • Lindsey Eways of Reading
  • Jacob Farrara of Reading
  • Molly Farrara of Reading
  • Lucas Fick of Reading
  • Caleb Finn of Reading
  • Adam Folk of Reading
  • Emma Fries of Reading
  • Daniela Garcia of Reading
  • James Gibson of Reading
  • Sean Giles of Reading
  • Joseph Grandstrom of Reading
  • Matthew Heffner of Reading
  • Bohdan Jacklitsch of Reading
  • Kelsi Kegerize of Reading
  • Ryan Kreider of Reading
  • Elizabeth Lantz of Reading
  • Aubrey Lengel of Reading
  • Tara Litwin of Reading
  • Tabitha Lockard of Reading
  • Conway Lynch of Reading
  • Cheryl Mannino of Reading
  • Diego Manzano-Ruiz of Reading
  • Lauren McCormick of Reading
  • Hannah Moffett of Reading
  • Joshua Moran of Reading
  • Lauren Moulin of Reading
  • Anh Nguyen of Reading
  • Giovanni Nieves of Reading
  • Yetunde Ogunleye of Reading
  • Jessica Page of Reading
  • Nolan Perugini of Reading
  • Carmen Popovici of Reading
  • Michelle Powers of Reading
  • Faith Readinger of Reading
  • Edgar Rios of Reading
  • Idalmi Rivera of Reading
  • Nancy Rivera-Flores of Reading
  • Elise Rudy of Reading
  • Sole Ruiz of Reading
  • Arlin Salazar of Reading
  • Karly Schaub of Reading
  • Nyle Seibert of Reading
  • Mary Lou Sheetz of Reading
  • Emma Smith of Reading
  • Lauren Spease of Reading
  • Joseph Strain of Reading
  • Samantha Strobel of Reading
  • Jenna Lillian Swafford of Reading
  • Jennifer Swist of Reading
  • Matthew Terhune of Reading
  • Paola Texidor of Reading
  • Zoe Texidor of Reading
  • Erik Therrien of Reading
  • Alberto Torres of Reading
  • Bethsaida Torres of Reading
  • Kiet Tran of Reading
  • Felicia Trievel of Reading
  • Amie Vandzura of Reading
  • Ibeth Villa-Tamay of Reading
  • Tiffany Weitzel of Reading
  • Madison Wickersham of Reading
  • Brandon Willman of Reading
  • Henry Winkleman of Reading
  • Madison Woodruff of Reading
  • Briana Zdradzinski of Reading
  • Emily Dietrich of Shillington
  • Catherine Maher of Shillington
  • Logan Metcalf of Shillington
  • Zoey Adam of Shoemakersville
  • Shawna Rudis of Shoemakersville
  • Morgan Bechtel of Sinking Spring
  • Michael Bowe of Sinking Spring
  • Carson Gray of Sinking Spring
  • Alexandra Koch of Sinking Spring
  • Savannah Merolillo of Sinking Spring
  • Jocelyn Seidt of Sinking Spring
  • Francesca Strickler of Sinking Spring
  • Madelyn Cave of Temple
  • Cecily Hewins of Temple
  • Gregory Katerman of Temple
  • Allyson Morgan of Temple
  • Matthew Andreoni of Topton
  • Thomas Biltcliff of Topton
  • Noah Cobo of Topton
  • Treasure Kleinsmith of Topton
  • Courtney Morstatt of Topton
  • William Patti of Wernersville
  • Griffin Adams of West Lawn
  • Chris Baldwin of West Lawn
  • Sheriel Jimenez of West Lawn
  • Joshua Lamanna of West Lawn
  • Kassidy Lamanna of West Lawn
  • Jocelina Baez Gomez of West Reading
  • Justin Trice of West Reading
  • Brianna Bilyeu of Womelsdorf
  • Megan Lynch of Wyomissing
  • Danielle Strunk of Wyomissing
  • Connor Yourkavitch of Wyomissing

To be eligible for the dean’s list, an undergraduate student must be registered for at least 12 credits and have a minimum grade point average of 3.60.

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