Jared Kramer elected to serve on Lebanon Valley College’s Student Government

Jared Kramer elected to serve on Lebanon Valley College’s Student Government

ANNVILLE – Jared Kramer of Sinking Spring was elected by the Lebanon Valley College student body to serve on Student Government during the 2018-19 academic year as president of the class of 2021. Kramer, a graduate of Wilson High School, is pursuing a bachelor of science in music education at The Valley.

Student Government is comprised of 36 full-time students. Twenty-seven upper-class students are elected from the student body each spring for a one-year term beginning in September. This includes four class officers, three class representatives, an equity representative and a commuter representative from each class. Student Government officers are elected each spring from among the 27 upper-class students and in September for first-year students.

One of Student Government’s major responsibilities is to foster understanding, communication, and cooperation among students, faculty, and administrators. It serves as the channel for all student recommendations for establishing or changing policy and communicates these recommendations to the appropriate administrative offices or faculty committees.

Student Government also approves the constitutions of all campus organizations, regulates the elections of student government members and class officers, and appoints student government members and other students to campus committees. They also plan activities and major campus-wide events including Homecoming and Winter Formal.

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