Eliza Meals enrolls at Widener University as Apogee Scholar

Eliza Meals enrolls at Widener University as Apogee Scholar

CHESTER – Widener University is pleased to welcome 15 freshmen who have enrolled at the university as Apogee Scholars.

Apogee Scholars are recognized by the Oskin Leadership Institute at Widener for their high potential to lead positive change on campus and in their communities. The students were all recipients of Widener High School Leadership Awards, and each received a $20,000 scholarship to attend Widener.

As High School Leadership Award recipients, all of the students were nominated by their high schools for their abilities to stand up for what is right, address a wrong and make a difference in their communities or schools.

Apogee Scholars make significant leadership contributions within the university community. They plan and execute Widener’s annual Courage Day, and participate in the national Collegiate Leadership Competition, as well as attend lectures and special programs on campus. They also attend workshops on leadership through the Oskin Leadership Institute, where they are able to earn leadership certificates as they also complete coursework in their chosen academic disciplines.

The class of 2022 Apogee Scholars include:

Eliza Meals, of Fleetwood, who attended Oley Valley High School and plans to pursue management.

“I am excited to begin working with this new group of Apogee Scholars,” Hal Shorey, director of the Oskin Leadership Institute said. “These are very special students who have already demonstrated the capacity to lead. We pride ourselves in helping them develop the courage and moral character needed to become leaders in their chosen fields, their communities, and in the larger society.”

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