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    Summer Art Workshops with Ozzie Sneddon announced at Studio B, Boyertown

    “The Spring Guide” Mixed Media Illustration by Ozzie Sneddon

    Summer Art Workshops with Ozzie Sneddon announced at Studio B, Boyertown

    Nine Weeks of Creative Fun!!
    Creative Design Challenges!
    Outdoor Drawing opportunities in the area!
    Fantastical Figure Drawing!
    General Artistic Skill Development!
    Visiting Local Art Spots!

    In this summer course, your child will gain a well-rounded drawing skillset based around general technique and creative design. By melding these two ideas into one course, your child will find newfound skill and excitement for their craft! Each week will present a theme, starting with general artistic improvement, then as weeks go on, moving onto the fantastical and exciting side of the creative process!

    Day: Tuesdays beginning June 26, ending August 21, 2018
    Time: 12 – 3 p.m.
    Ages: 9-17
    Fee: $50/Week

    Week 1: General Skills
    Week 2: Color and Design
    Week 3: Nature (This class will be done in Boyertown Park, unless it is raining on that day.)
    Week 4: Fantasy
    Week 5: Sci-Fi / Video Game Character Design
    Week 6: Horror / Fashion
    Week 7: Superheroes / Comics
    Week 8: Advanced Composition
    Week 9: Final Project

    Register with:

    Jane Stahl
    Director of Community Relations
    Studio B
    39A East Philadelphia Ave
    Boyertown, PA 19512

    * Snacks and water will be provided (no sugary drinks, in case of spillage and volatility.)
    * Students should bring their own supplies (sketchbook, pencils, pens, some form of coloring tool.)

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