Charlotte Jones attends Newseum conference in Washington, D.C.

Charlotte Jones of Fleetwood is one of 13 Lebanon Valley College students who attended a conference at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., “How Will Public Discussion Thrive?” this month.

Jones, a graduate of Fleetwood Area High School, is pursuing a bachelor of science in digital communications and art and visual culture at The Valley.

The Interactivity Foundation celebrated its 30th birthday by hosting a montage of small group roundtable discussions about the future of public discussion during this event. Themes centered around these questions: What’s the future of public discussion in this time of political polarization, harsh rhetoric, fake news, and spin? What policy possibilities might help revitalize it? And what actions might we take to implement them?

By attending the conference, LVC students were able to experience first-hand some of the discussion styles utilized in their courses.

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