Lebanon Valley College welcomes record high 513 new students

The quiet and serene campus turned quickly to excitement during Move-in Day at Lebanon Valley College. Happy greetings among roommates and staff assisting new families blended with the sounds of coaching whistles on the fields and music rising from the Pride of The Valley Marching Band on the quad.

Deavor Koch of Reading, a graduate of Exeter Township High School, is pursuing a degree in actuarial science at The Valley.

Sarah Musselman of Reading, a graduate of Exeter Township High School, is pursuing a degree in physical therapy at The Valley.

Daymond Zweizig of Reading, a graduate of Oley Valley High School, is pursuing a degree in psychology at The Valley.

Skyler Pugh of Reading, a graduate of Exeter Township High School, is pursuing a degree in biology at The Valley.

Leah Franklin of Reading, a graduate of Exeter Township High School, is pursuing a degree in business administration at The Valley.

A record 513 first year and transfer students who arrived on campus, and the 466 students in the Class of 2021 make it one of the largest first-year classes in the College’s history. This year’s new students also included 47 transfer students.

“The Class of 2021 found LVC to be a great fit due to their many interests inside and outside the classroom and the knowledge that our faculty, staff, and current students will help them achieve their goals,” said Edwin Wright, vice president of enrollment management.

Frank Newman ’21, from Annapolis, Md., described what brought him to LVC. “As a chemistry major, I find the LVC Chemistry Department very impressive,” said Newman. “The staff and students are helpful and personable. I find them easy to get along with. The first day of orientation made me realize that in addition to getting a great education, students can still enjoy a high quality of life. You can play sports, spend time on your hobbies, and make friends.”

Along with moving into their residence halls, new student orientation also featured the traditional Water Ceremony. Students bring a bottle of water from home and then add it to one of four urns for different geographic areas. Then the water from the urns is added to the pond in the campus Peace Garden to signify the uniting of all students as one class.

A flag-raising ceremony welcomed our new international students who hail from nine countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Northern Ireland, France, Thailand, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam. They raised their country’s flag, which will fly along campus’ main thoroughfare throughout their years at The Valley.

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